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Columbus, OH, are you curious about the latest flooring features and technology?

Flooring features change every year as new styles, products and materials are introduced to the market. Flooring is always evolving to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers. New flooring technology provides more durability, performance, design, comfort and sustainability.

Flooring FAQ eco-friendly carpet for Columbus, OH

Is there a carpet that is eco-friendly?

Yes. Shaw Floors recently announced a collection of carpet styles (Simply the Best Values) that are made from recycled materials. So, they are both eco and budget friendly! The collection includes six new styles that offer a variety of textures, patterns and colors to match any décor2.

Flooring FAQ pet flooring for the Columbus, Oh area

What’s the latest flooring technology for pet owners?

The Pet Perfect collection features four new carpet styles that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle with pets. The Pet Perfect Plus carpet styles are made with LifeGuard Spill-Proof Technology, which prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet pad and subfloor, making cleanup easier and preventing odors and mold growth. The collection also features R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System, which repels stains and dirt from the surface of the carpet2.

Flooring FAQ realistic and natural looking vinyl plank for Columbus, OH-vinyl-plank

Is there vinyl plank or tile that looks like real wood or stone?

The Coretec Plus collection features luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring looks that are waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to install.  They include realistic wood visuals with enhanced textures and colors.  Coretec innovated LVP originally and they continue to be at the forefront of quality, style, and design.  For stone looks, the Coretec Stone collection features visuals and durability unmatached in the stone LVP category.

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The latest flooring features for Columbus, Ohio

The flooring industry is driven by a combination of consumer demands, technological advancements, material innovations, and design trends. These factors contribute to the continuous evolution of flooring technology, with new products and features being introduced each year.

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